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With Gathera, you access all your web accounts in one place. Just add in all the favorite accounts like your Facebook, Hotmail, Yahoo! and Twitter (and any others we support).
Whenever you start and login to Gathera, you will find all your accounts organized for easy access. Gathera will even check automatically for new messages, status updates and notifications behind the scenes and notify you whenever you have new ones. Almost all the functionality you use regularly on the different sites will be available and you will no longer
need to login to different sites any longer.

You can read & respond to all messages easily. You can even share photos, connect with
friends, view all your contacts and more. Try it out and you may find that it is the only
messaging application you need from now on.

All your social accounts in one
place - the browser sidebar

Gathera lets you bring all your
online accounts that you
frequently check together into
one place - the browser
sidebar. Stay fully connected,
no matter where you are on
the web. Read your email,
check your favorite social
networking account to see if
you have an update...
Full funtionality - just like the
web version

Access your online account
through the sidebar and have
all the funtionality that you are
used to, without the hassle of
logging into mutliple accounts multiple times. We have tried
to put almost all the
funtionality of the original
website into Gathera.
Real Time Notifications -
recieve status updates

Get notified when there is a
new update in any of your accounts. You can easily perform actions such as ‘Reply’ or ‘Delete’ with just one click
Gathera Desktop
  size: 7.5MB


Made to work on Windows 7, Vista or
XP, running:

   -Internet Explorer version 7 or higher
   -Firefox version 3 or higher

Supported Services:

   ... more coming soon.

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